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My name is Emma and I am a passionate environmentalist. I believe in the power of photography for social change and I have always sought to raise awareness through my practice.


I worked in the photo dept at Greenpeace from 2007 - 2010. Since then I have freelanced for NGO's, newspapers and various other clients. My work has been published in most national newspapers, on TV and some international publications. I am currently studying an MA in Photojournalism at University of the Arts in London.




The galleries below feature some of my long term projects on woodlands, flooding and alternative living.

In 2014 I documented flooding in Somerset, where I was living at the time. The images were published by Friends of the Earth and The Guardian. Most recently, I have embarked on a year long project exploring ancient woodlands in the UK. I have documented some HS2 affected woodlands and an ancient restoration project at a site called The Hillyfield in Devon. A project which I recently started documents Ellie, a digital nomad, who lives in a converted double decker bus.

Client Testimonial

The work Emma has done for The Hillyfield has been invaluable. She has worked tirelessly throughout the year documenting various aspects of our project in the woods. The final set of images are really beautiful. You see the seasons emerge from the story and there is a real affinity to the people here at The Hillyfield. They will be incredibly useful for promoting our sustainable forestry business

Doug + Claire

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